My so-called RETRO-REVIEW ARCHIVE facilitates a desire on my part to diversify my movie reviews beyond the current films that are released in theatres.  Furthermore, it represents my yearning to take a look back at some of the indelible films of the past that had a long-standing and important influence on the medium.  Beyond that, some of the films explored here are reflective of works that I have grown up with and  enjoyed throughout my life.  You may noticed that some of my RETRO-REVIEWS are indicative of everything from classic films of Hollywood's Golden Age to more populist entertainment.  That is intentional on my part.  Some of the films on this list certainly belong on most compilations of the best of all-time, whereas others are simply movies that I loved in my youth.


As of January, 2010, I have indefinitely taken a sabbatical from writing retro-reviews in order to focus exclusively on current theatrical releases.  I will endeavor to return to writing more classic film reviews when the time is right.  
zero stars  PLEASE...END...MY...MISERY
thumbsup One of the TEN BEST FILMS of its decade
<BEST> BEST FILM of its decade
Airplane!  (1981)  jjjj 
Alien  (1979)  jjjj
Arthur  (1981)  jjjj
American Graffiti  (1973)  jjjj
American Psycho  (2000)  jjjj
Apocalypse Now  (1979)  jjjj 
A Shot in the Dark  (1964)  jjjj
Babe  (1995)  jjjj
Back to the Future  (1985)  jjj1/2
Batman  (1989)  jjj1/2
Batman: The Movie  (1966)  jjj1/2
Bonnie and Clyde  (1967)  jjjj  thumbsup
Cape Fear  (1991)  jjj1/2
Chasing Amy  (1997)  jjjj
Clerks  (1994)  jjjj
Dances With Wolves  (1990)  jjjj  thumbsup
Dark City: The Director's Cut  (1998/2008)  jjjj
E.T. - The Extra-Terrestrial  (1982)  jjjj  thumbsup
Ferris Bueller's Day Off  (1986)  jjj1/2
Forrest Gump (1994)  jjjj
Gangs of New York  (2002)  jjjj 
GoodFellas  (1990)  jjjj  thumbsup  <BEST> 
Imagine: John Lennon  (1988)  jjjj
Independence Day  (1996)  jjj
Indiana Jones and the Temple Of Doom  (1984)  jjjj
Iron Giant, The  (1999)  jjjj
It's A Wonderful Life  (1946)  jjjj  thumbsup 
Jaws  (1975)  jjjj
Jurassic Park (1993)  jjj
Karate Kid, The  (1984)  jjjj
Last Starfighter, The  (1984)  jjj
Last Tango In Paris  (1972)  jjjj
Leon - The Professional  (1994)   jjj1/2
Machinist, The  (2004)  jjjj
Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior  (1982)  jjjj
Monty Python's Life of Brian  (1979)  jjj
Midnight Run  (1988)  jjj
Natural Born Killers  (1994)  jjjj
Office Space  (1999)  jjj1/2
On The Waterfront  (1954)  jjjj  thumbsup 
Planet of the Apes  (1968)  jjjj thumbsup
Pulp Fiction  (1994)  jjjj  thumbsup
Raging Bull  (1980)  jjjj  thumbsup 
Raiders of the Lost Ark  (1981)  jjjj  thumbsup 
Rambo: First Blood Part II  (1985)  jjj
Rebel Without A Cause  (1955)  jjjj  thumbsup
Reservoir Dogs  (1992)  jjjj
Rocky  (1976)  jjjj
Roger and Me  (1989)  jjjj
Rumble In the Bronx  (1996)  jjj
Saturday Night Fever  (1977)  jjjj
Searchers, The  (1956)  jjjj  thumbsup
Seven  (1995)  jjj1/2
Shaun of the Dead  (2004)  jjj1/2
Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace  (1999)  jjj1/2
Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope  (1977)  jjjj  thumbsup  <BEST> 
Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back  (1980)  jjjj  thumbsup
Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi  (1983)  jjjj
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan  (1982)  jjj1/2
Starman  (1984)  jjj1/2
Superman: The Movie  (1979)  jjjj  thumbsup 
Swingers  (1996)  jjj1/2
Taxi Driver  (1976)  jjjj  thumbsup  <BEST> 
Terminator, The  (1984)  jjj1/2
There's Something About Mary  (1998)  jjj1/2
Third Man, The  (1949)  jjjj  thumbsup
Top Secret!  (1984)  jjjj
Willow  (1988)  jjj



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